Noemi Gal-Or Inc. offers a wide range of legal services to:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and foreign citizens operating in Canada or seeking to establish operations in Canada
  • Businesses (corporate/commercial, law firms)
  • Government
  • Non-for-profit organizations

Drafting and Preparing of Legal Documents

  • Business, sales, employment, wills, and other contracts and legal documents
  • Study and education related documents
  • Immigration and settlement related matters (for investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, provincial nominee, etc.)
  • Drafting ethics compliance and risk management policies
  • Drafting dispute settlement agreements (mediation, arbitration)

Legal Opinion and Research

  • Advising on international law issues:
      • Trade and investment (NAFTA, WTO, and other bilateral trade and investment treaties and negotiations)
      • International commercial law (CISG)


      • Private and public international dispute settlement


      • International criminal law


      • International humanitarian law, and national security law


      • International human rights law, including international law on gender equality and protection of women’s rights


      • International responsibility law


    • International organisations law
  • Global Business Integrity
    • Corporate/commercial ethics and business integrity, and social responsibility
    • Compliance with Canadian and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations
  • Incorporation of international law within Canadian domestic law

Client Legal Representation

  • Assisting in business and employment negotiations and transactions, and related legal matters in Canada and abroad
  • Assisting with immigration related issues

Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement

  • Representing clients in the following procedures:
    • Facilitation
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration
    • Ombuds

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