Dr. Noemi Gal-Or offers (non-legal) policy and governance analysis and forecast, risk assessment and management, and negotiation assistance services to:

  • Businesses (corporate/commercial,political strategy, and accountancy and law firms)
  • Government
  • International and transnational organisations
  • Non-for-profit organizations

Research and Policy Reports

  • Policy research, analysis and forecast on political and economic trends in Canada and globally, including trade and investment (NAFTA, WTO, and other bilateral and plurilateral trade and investment treaties and negotiations)
  • Private and public international dispute settlement
  • International criminal law
  • International humanitarian law, and national and international security
  • International human rights law, including international law on gender equality and protection of women’s rights, and human and civil rights in Canada
  • International responsibility law
  • International organisations law
  • Global Business Integrity: Corporate/commercial ethics and business integrity, risk management policies, and social responsibility
  • Compliance with Canadian and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations
  • Policy research and analysis on higher education approaches and policies in Canada

Client Support

  • Assisting in business and policy negotiations and transactions in Canada and abroad


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