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Current and forthcoming

Noemi Gal-Or,”A Forgotten Chapter? Trans-Pacific Partnership Chapter 26[more]:Transparency and Anti-Corruption”, Canadian International Lawyer, Vol 11(2) Canadian International Lawyer
Noemi Gal-Or, “The Role and Effect of Indirect Demand for Proceeds of Corruption”[more]:Convivialism International
Noemi Gal-Or, “World Trade between Global Multilateralism, Plurilateralism, and Regionalism in[more] Global Trends. Prospects for World Society, Michèle Roth, Cornelia Ulbert, Tobias Debiel (eds.), Global Trends (Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, 2015), in English
Noemi Gal-Or, “Libya, Intervention, and Responsibility: The Dawn of a New Era?” with [more]
Francis K. Abiew, in Peace Diplomacy, Global Justice and international Agency: Rethinking Human Security and Ethics in the Spirit of Dag Hammarskjold, Carsten Stahn and Henning Melber (eds.), Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2014
Gal-Or, Noemi Gal-Or, “Canada’s Anti-Corruption Framework[more] and the Relevance to the Pacific Rim and TPP Negotiations”, Special Issue, The Pacific Rim and International Economic Law: Opportunities and Risks of the Pacific Century, TDM/OGEMID, Vol 12(1), 2015

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