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News & Events

Dr. Gal-Or’s recent publication (2017):”Foreign Investment in Residential Real Estate as FDI”[more] Convivialism Transnational
Dr. Gal-Or presented on “The Responsibility of the Armed NSA in International Law?”[more] at the The Global Commons and the Governance of Unappropriated Spaces Bangkok, 20-22 October 2017
Dr. Gal-Or participated at the meeting of the ILA Committee on the Procedure of [more] International Courts and Tribunals at the Max Planck Institute of Procedural Law, Luxembourg, 22-23 September, 2017
Dr. Gal-Or presented on Canada’s incorporation and enforcement of international criminal law[more] at the ILA Complementarity Committee Stellenbosch Meeting, June 30 – July 1, 2017, South Africa

Solid & reliable policy solutions

Formerly a Vancouver based solo law practitioner, and a professor emerita (KPU), Noemi Gal-Or now offers consultancy services to a variety of clients including private individuals and corporations, government, international and transnational organisations, and NGOs.


Tailor-cut to address the specific needs of a diverse clientele, these services include:

  •   Policy analysis and assessment
  •   Strategic policy planning
  •   Risk management and control
  •   Forecasts







Dr. Gal-Or provides consultancy services — which are not legal services — of an utmost solid and meticulous quality. Clients benefit from excellent academic competence and solid international law, and Canadian legal, knowledge, informed by a broad and profound background of research and teaching, and public volunteer expertise, spanning 35 years of experience, and a legal practice of over 19 years.


Consultancy services are provided in a professional fashion paying special attention to diversity and gender specific sensitivities, with a commitment to social justice in Canada and world-wide.

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